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Name:Mr. Raaj K [Marketing]
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Registration Date:Jun. 20, 2011
Last Updated:May. 27, 2013
Business Nature:Trade of Health & Beauty category

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Manufacturer of Surgical & Dental, Eye, Orthopaedic Instruements, ElectroSurgical Instruments & Equipments.
MHFB BUSINESS SDN BHD was established in 2008 on his strong business heritage skill, profound experience, background and technical expertise in the field o f Surgical, Dental, Veterinary and Beauty care Instruments. MHFB BUSINESS SDN BHD is market leader in the field of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary and Beauty care Instruments and has been serving its customers across the world with unique quality. Due to the fact that sophisticated raw material plays an important role in the creation of quality in products and whatsoever, MHFB BUSINESS SDN BHD is importing its fifty % raw material from abroad. The main countries of import are Japan , Germany , Taiwan , Italy and the main countries of exports are Australia , New Zealand , Europe , North America , South America and Africa . MHFB BUSINESS SDN BHD management always eager and welcome the instructions and suggestions of its customers and employees that is way the quality remains at its peak every time.
MHFB BUSINESS SDN BHD has been honored with ISO 9001-2000 and CE certificate due to the hectic efforts of its management put in the field of quality. The next milestone its total quality management in its objectives and hopefully will grasped soon. The R & D department is independent and encouraged by the top management to bring innovation in material and design in order to meet the future challenges.


MHFB BUSINESS SDN BHD is in business to produce high quality products of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary and Beauty care Instruments with a unique and independent perspective based on our strong, confident and professional origins.

Our motivation is to help you in reaching a specific goal. For this every purpose, we have employed the expertise of open-minded executives and with there energetic and practical experience, highly skilled labor, most modern machinery and information technology
We are eager to meet the growing need of our overseas customers quantitatively and qualitatively, with every possible lowest price and high quality, as we are exploiting both comparative and competitive advantages at the same time.

We are so confident in our product quality that it is our firm belief that you will select us to be your preferred supplier.

If you require quotation or further information for any items, please don' t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks & wish you have a nice day!


Mr.Raaj / Siti Mastura

( Marketing Executive)

H/ P: 010-5176723

FAX: 60 3 6257 6411

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